A technical bid proposal is a document presented in order to submit a particular company’s bid for a particular project or client. A well-written technical bid proposal is crucial for business and getting a big project or funding any activity. Before writing a technical bid proposal, go through the organisation’s RFP or request for proposal for a product or service. In the RFPs, details are mentioned about the requirements of the proposals, date of submission, whom to submit, cost estimates and other general guidelines. Based on these instructions, companies can then create a technical bid to fulfill the requirements and get their proposals approved.

Sample Technical Bid Proposal:

Name of bidding company: Creation Lights Co

Address: 34 Jollyville Road, Austin

Proposal prepared on: December 21, 2011

Proposal prepared by: Laura Nep

Proposal submitted on: December 23, 2011

Proposal name: Duluth Lights Festival

Purpose: The purpose of this technical bid is to highlight the cost and other details of organising the Duluth Lights Festival and our experience in organising similar events

Details of Technical Bid Proposal:

  • We want to participate in the bid because our company can provide the right equipment and labour to make the Lights Festival in Duluth a grand event.
  • The estimated finances involved in this project will be around $50,000.
  • Our previous experience in handling contracts of this nature is great as we developed both the Roney Lights Festival and Kumbling Lights Festival during Christmas and New Year, 2010.

Proposal approved by: Libby Matthews

Organiser, Duluth Lights Festival

23 West Hills Drive, Duluth

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