Technical project proposal is a document proposing any technology imbibed project to its prospects. Such kind of proposal should effectively highlight the utility of the project and the plans decided to be implemented for accomplishing the project work.

Sample Technical Project Proposal

Name of the organization: Century Mobile Phones

Proposal presented by: Mr. Stanley Phillip

Technical Project-Head

Proposal presented on: 7th January 2011

Executive Summary of the proposal:

This proposal is being presented by Century Mobile Phones to its existing and prospective clients depicting the need of technological advancement in new generation cell phones. Our company is the best recognized for imbibing latest technologies on the mobile phones. We are the first one to manufacture 4G supporting mobile cell phones in the market.

Technical Specifications in latest cell phone projects:

We would be introducing new 4G supporting smartphones which would run on Android operating system supports with specialized JAVA software MIDP 2. It would support both GSM as well as HSDPA network. More interestingly this latest releases would have all the unique features which most of the mobile phones available in the market does not offer.

Estimated budget for implementing the latest project: $35000 approximately.

Amount collected till date: $ 10000 approximately

Advertisement Regulation: The advertising process of this proposal would be regulated through various newspaper, magazines, television channels, cell phone sites and promotions.

Advertisement regulation of the project would commence from: 10th March 2011

Time required for releasing the latest product: Maximum of one and half year

Last date for accepting the proposal: 5th March 2011