A technical proposal format is the basic structure and comprises the instructions to be followed while creating a technical proposal. There is a style of writing every proposal and depending on the purpose of the proposal the content can be modified accordingly. By following these instructions, one can know which point must come first, followed by what and what to highlight. All these details go on to make a good technical proposal. Technical proposals are very useful and often presented by companies with deal with technology, newer equipment, machines or those which have a particular technological aspect or project that needs to be approved by the authorities.

Sample Technical Proposal Format:

Title of proposal: _____________

Proposal presented by: __________

Date of presenting the proposal__________________

First Paragraph: The first paragraph shall have the introduction where you can describe what the proposal is all about and what impact will it have on the company and the society in general if the proposal is passed. Explain the concept clearly here and avoid using too much technical jargon in the very first para itself.

Second paragraph: The second para describe the proposal in details, especially the technical approach and strategy of the company in order to make the project successful. It can be followed by details about the project management and staff who shall be in charge of the idea and move it forward.

Third paragraph: The final para must mention other important parts like deadlines, funds needed, how will those funds be utilised and any other technical aspect that needs to be mentioned.