A technical proposal template is the fundamental structure which can be used to create a technical proposal. Templates are like a guide laying down the basic categories and all a person needs to do is fill up those categories with the information relevant. A technical proposal like any other proposal must have some main points like the title of the proposal, the purpose or the objective of the proposal, how will the proposal help the organisation or the company to perform better, what funds will be required for implementing the proposal and so on. The template must have these basic points and help the creator of the proposal to provide information about these areas.

Sample Technical Proposal Template:

Name of company: [Give name of company, organisation, agency]

Address: [Mention address of the organisation]

Proposal prepared on: [Date of making the proposal]

Proposal prepared by: [Name and designation of person creating the proposal]

Proposal submitted on: [Date of submission of proposal]

Proposal name: [Mention title or name of proposal]

Purpose: [State the purpose of creating the proposal and how will it help the organisation and society. A brief introduction will give an idea to everyone what the proposal is all about]

Details of Technical Proposal Template:

  • [Mention in bullet points the different methodologies, stages and plan of action regarding the implementation of the proposal]

Estimated cost of the project: [Give the estimated cost of the project]

Amount requested: [Mention amount requested for the project]

Proposal signed and approved by: [Name, signature and designation of the person whose approval is required for the proposal