A technical research proposal is a document that is written by a research scholar regarding the research conducted by him. It contains all the technical information which is written in a formal and well designed manner. This document discusses everything about the research topic along with its technical specification. Most of the time it is addressed to the research guide or someone else who is the responsible to supervise that research.

Sample Technical Research Proposal:

Name of the organization: Dalton University, Oldham, Lancashire

Proposal prepared by: John Thomas

Research Scholar, Archeology Department

Proposal submitted on: 13th September, 2011

Proposal Submitted to- Dr. William Johns, HOD, Archeology Department

Purpose: This research proposal contains the information about the research conducted on the fossils which are from F-34 sample collected from Lancashire area.

Aims and objectives:

To find the specimen and its origin which happens to be imprinted in the fossil collected, and also assess the life and age of the fossil.

Details of the proposal cover letter:

I have been researching on the fossil sample F-34 collected from Lancashire area. It was found in a fossil survey which was conducted three years before. Since then I have been working on this sample to understand the origin of the sample along with other specification. I have conducted the comprehensive study on the fossil with the help of the technology and procedure guided by you. I am submitting the detail report along with its result and inferences for your perusal.

I am looking for your guidance on the same to proceed to the research paper submission.

John Thomas