A technical solution proposal is a document that is written offering a solution/service to solve technical problems/query. These are carefully written proposal, offering the technical solution to business/ enterprise. This solution will happen with the help of latest technology available in the industry. This document will contain all the details about that technology along with its uses and other aspects. It will assist the organization to make the decision to procure the technology to solve the issues faced by them.

Sample Technical Solution Proposal:

Name of the organization: Richard Software Ltd

Proposal prepared by: William Ellison

Software Engineer,

Proposal submitted on: 13th June, 2011

Proposal Submitted to- Mr. Mathew James, Head IT Department,

Oldham Group of Companies

Purpose: To provide all the information about the Document Management System (DMS) RFI/RFP Template along with its complete lists. It will also describe 766 features and functions which are the result of this DMS technology.

Aims and objectives:

To facilitate Oldham group of companies in order to save time, to have controlled costs, and also to have clear communication with the vendors in the entire phase of Document Management System (DMS) with the help of its software selection projects.

Details of the technical solution proposal:

We are a software company working in the field of Document Management System (DMS). We have been helping our clients for more than a decade with the latest technological solutions. We have prepare many software in past which has saved a huge amount of cost and time for our clients. We are offering you the Document Management System (DMS) RFI/RFP Template which will help you in effortlessly collect and prioritize all your business needs/related aspects in a form of easy excel document which will also help you in categorization of the data.

Thanking you in advance.

William E.