A tenant lease proposal is a document which outlines the basic terms and conditions for leasing a house to a tenant. The document is created by the landlord who lays down the details of the lease and makes a proposal to the tenant who must accept the terms in order to seal the deal. The proposal must include details about the property rented, the rent amount to be paid, the duration of the lease, any special conditions that the tenant is supposed to follow, date of the creation of the proposal, terms about security deposit, utility bills etc. This proposal forms the basis for the creation of a tenant lease agreement.

Sample Tenant Lease Proposal:

Name of landlord: Lawrence Adams

Address: 300 Gentry Road, Phoenix

Name of tenant: Will Shilling

Address: 3002 Gilbert Station, Phoenix

Address of property leased: 301 Gentry Road, Phoenix

Name of proposal: Proposal for lease of house to tenant

Proposal prepared on: February 14, 2012

Proposal submitted on: February 15, 2012

Purpose: The purpose of this proposal is to briefly explain the terms and conditions of a lease proposal which a tenant must follow in order to be able to lease the property

Details of Tenant Lease Proposal:

  • The tenant shall pay $500 per month plus utilities for leasing the property mentioned above
  • The tenant has to pay a deposit of $1000 as security which will paid back to him at the end of the lease
  • The duration of the lease shall be 11 months, which can be renewed at the end of the term