Top 10 most romantic wedding proposals are the proposals made to ask your loved ones to marry you. Marriage is one of the most crucial things in one’s life. Thus this proposal has to be made in the best possible manner. This wedding proposal can be made on any special day or even at any stage of your dating life. As this is the most important commitment of your life try making it most influential and memorable. Success of your proposal also depends on the way you propose thus choose the most beautiful place and propose in the most unique way.

Sample Top 10 Most Romantic Wedding Proposals:

  • You can propose on many feet’s above the ground in any airplane or floating balloon which will make your special one feel really on the cloud nine.
  • You can propose in a public place to show how genuine your love is.
  • You can do human-torch fire jump to propose in most burning manner.
  • You can propose in a beautiful boat floating in the water to make your loved one know the depth and immensity of your love.
  • You can also propose in the midst of a romantic movie.
  • You can also propose in a museum or in any beautiful amusement park.
  • You can also write your love proposal secretly in any place/ stuff to surprise your loved one.
  • You can get your proposal written on anything in a huge form and show it to your date from far to surprise and amuse her.
  • You can also arrange a beautiful dinner to propose her in most romantic and personal way.
  • You can also propose in front of your family and friends which will make him/her feel more important and valued in your life.