A training design proposal is a document which is created by an institution or company or organization for the training of its employees or new recruitments. It must outline the modules of the same and it must be will crafted in order to be valuable document. It shall serve as a schedule referring point as well as being a document that will also benefit the trainees.

Sample Training Design Proposal

Name of company creating the training design proposal: InfoTech Pvt. Ltd.

Date of creation of training design proposal: 1st July 2011

Nature of training design proposal:

  • This training design proposal is intended to configure the training program for our new recruitments. The trainees will begin the training program on 4th march 2012.
  • This training deign proposal is specifically intended for our recruitments in our BPO sector.
  • The trainees will undergo courses in accent learning, improvement of spoken and written English, as well as a thorough demonstration of the operating system by which we work.
  • The training program shall last three months after which the trainees shall be required to give a written as well as oral examination.
  • The candidates thus selected will become part of our leading BPO sector.
  • The training shall be terminated in case of a candidate’s breach of conduct according to the contract signed by him or her.

Training fees: The training program is free of cost. However, an initial security deposit of $200 is taken which shall be refunded to the trainee once the program is over irrespective of whether he or she secures the job or not.

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