A training proposal example is a sample of a document presented by an organisation or a company to the higher authorities of the office where they suggest the requirement of training the employees or the members of the organisation so that their skills are developed and their performance improves. While creating a training proposal, the presenter must say why he feels there is a need for training and how will it benefit the organisation. The proposal must contain the name of the programme, duration of the programme, how much will it cost to conduct the training and any other special instructions related to the training.

Sample Training Proposal Example:

Name of company: Blue Shadow Devices

Address: 31 West Hills Drive, California

Name of training proposal: New multimedia devices and their application

Training proposal prepared on: February 14, 2012

Proposal prepared by: Adam Rogers

Senior Manager, Blue Shadow Devices

Proposal submitted on: February 15, 2012

Proposal signed and approved by: Arthur Davis

Regional Manager, Blue Shadow Devices

Purpose: The goal of the training programme is to make the employees understand the latest developments in this sector and how to apply the new techniques successfully in their work

Details of Training Proposal Example:

  • The training will commence from February 25 and continue for a month
  • All employees will have to attend the classes three times a week and they have to come to office an hour early for that
  • External trainers will be hired temporarily for conducting the training

Funds requested for the training programme and paying the trainers: $10,000