A training proposal form is a document which makes a proposal for training of the employees in an organisation or in a company by asking certain questions which would highlight the requirement of a training session. By filling up the form, the employees or the department heads can make suggestions on what kind of training will be beneficial to them or what areas they need to improve upon. These answers help one to create a training programme accordingly which will serve to meet the company’s needs. The training proposal form should contain questions which will help one to find out what kind of training is needed by the employees so that it benefits the company.

Sample Training Proposal Form:

Name of company: __________

Address: ___________

Name of employee: _____________

Address: __________

Department: ____________

How long have you been working here? _____________

What are the problem areas in the department? __________

What are your best skills? ___________

What are the areas where you think the department needs to work on? __________

Would you like to be trained in those areas to hone your skills? _________

Please select the number of hours you are ready to give for training per week: 10 hours ____

8 hours ____ 6 hours _____

When was the last training session you attended and what was it about? __________

How do you think the new training programme will improve your performance? _______

For department heads only:




Please suggest a topic where you feel your employees need to be trained and give reasons. _____