A training proposal format consists of the basic guidelines which helps one create a training proposal. A training proposal is submitted to the higher authorities in an organisation when there is a need for honing the skills of existing employees so that they learn new things related to their work and improve their performance. There are few things one needs to keep in mind while creating a training proposal: include the title or name of the training programme, the duration and funds required for conducting the programme. Also mention how the programme will help the employees to perform better and then give a plan of action highlighting the main points in the training module and how you plan to implement them.

Sample Training Proposal Format:

Title of training proposal: _____________

Proposal presented by: __________

Date of presenting the proposal: _________________

Name and address of company: ___________

First Paragraph: The first para should focus on the name or title of the training programme and how will it be beneficial to the members of the organisation or employees in a company. Give a brief introduction of the training module and its various features so that the authorities get to know what it is all about.

Second paragraph: The second para goes on to explain the training programme in more details describing the step by step methodology of conducting the programme and it hopes to achieve from this.

Third paragraph: The concluding para must give the cost of the training programme, how many days in a week will it be conducted and for how many hours.