A training proposal letter is a document depicting the need of an individual to join a certain training course or the necessity for its introduction. It should be well thought out before being written so that it could document an effective proposal by which it could achieve maximum response.

Sample Training Proposal Letter


Ken Zimmerman


Panache Training Institute

Subject: Training Proposal Letter

Respected Sir,

I am an MTech student of computer science at the Computer Science department of Finland University presently and want to pursue this subject for higher education and research. Therefore I request you to give me a scope of training at your institute. I want to join a formal training course on this subject in order to be proficient in the subject and to gain greater command over the technical matters. I am certain that the training would help me get selected in the established IT firms around the globe given your top rank, quality of education and high training standards.

I have scored high grades in my BTech course from the same university and I am currently working part time with an IT firm. My good grades has fetched me some honorable awards from the university and my stint with the firm as a junior staff has drawn many accolades. So I believe I have the potential in me to join the program and sharpen my technical skills for greater performance. The certificates and documents are provided along with the letter.

Date: 4th September, 2011                                                                                  Thanking you,

Lovey Hall

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