A training proposal template serves as the basic structure which can be used in order to create a training proposal. A template gives the main headings which can be filled up with the necessary information according to one’s requirements and then a proposal can be composed. One must make sure that the training proposal template has mentioned important features like the title of training programme, the goal of the programme, benefits and plan of action, duration, methodology, funds required to conduct the programme and if any external faculty is required to conduct it. Once all these details are collected, minor modifications can be made and then a final training proposal can be created from the template.

Sample Training Proposal Template:

Name of company: [Mention name of company or organisation]

Address: [Mention address of organisation]

Name of training proposal: [Give title of training programme]

Training proposal prepared on: [Give date of preparation of training programme]

Proposal prepared by: [Give name of person who has prepared the training programme]

Proposal submitted on: [Mention date of submission of proposal]

Proposal signed and approved by: [Mention name and designation of authorized signatory]

Purpose: [Describe the purpose of the training programme and how it will benefit the organisation and how it will improve the performance of its employees]

Details of Training Proposal Template:

  • [Give details of the training programme in bullet points, like, duration of the training programme, number of hours employees need to spare for the programme, their schedule of work and training, contents, funds required for conducting the training programme and so on.]