Training proposals are offers made by a company to an institution for expressing the purpose of providing training to its interns, students, workers or management. Such training programs can be held by the institution itself, wherein it constitutes an internal training proposal. The plans for the training program, including modules to be taught, the schedule of the training program, and the purpose behind it and so on must be mentioned in the training proposal itself.

Training proposals must be extremely organized and clear. The proposal should present an overview of the purpose of the training sessions, the number of participants allowed, and the gain the participants seek to derive and so on. It must go all out to make an impression and to convince the authorities of the need for the training program.

Such proposals should be written by professionals well versed in the technique of proposal writing, in order to ensure that all the information is provided in a concise and compact manner. The training proposal can be substantiated with the addition of PowerPoint presentations and so on.

The impact of training proposals is dependent on how effectively the basic outlines of the training program are conveyed to the authorities. All important and critical issues like dates, finances, and fees and so on must not be avoided.

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