A transformer construction proposal is a proposal account of an engineering company to construct a transformer for a particular area. It must be written to suffice all the points of construction so that the intended authority is fully aware of the need and importance of the construction project. Therefore, the specifications should be precise and explicable.

Sample Transformer Construction Proposal

Title of the proposal: Transformer construction proposal

Transformer construction proposal presented to: DESC Power Suppliers

Proposal prepared by: Norman Bosh, Chief Electrical Engineer, Ever-ready Transformers.

Objective of the proposal: The area around the Hawk Garden City is under dark on most days of the month due to the breakdown of the former transformer placed in the area. Residents of the area have been complaining about their plight and the horde of difficulties they have to face.

Company biography: Our Company has designed transformers for many places in the city which have been working without any disturbances for a long time. In case of any such disturbance whatsoever, free services are guaranteed.

Plan to be executed through the proposal: The transformer would be designed with all the specification details and requirements in mind so that the area can benefit from the project.

Entire cost: $7, 00000 approximately including the cost of the machine and labor.

Executive summary: The proposal is presented with an eye to increase the efficiency of power supply in the concerned region. The power transformer would be developed by tuning the functional elements like voltage, earthing arrangement and wiring appropriately and then installed in the correct location.

Last date of proposal: 4th September, 2008

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