Technical proposal help the client to understand the technology and its utilization. These technical proposals also aid the clients to understand any technical process or concept. In the technical proposal objective tone is used to explain the concepts of the technical solutions. It is a direct writing style which includes lot of clarity and exact specification about the technology. These proposals have an objective and they are focused towards that plan. These proposals have many classes and they are written by the technical people or technical writer keeping the need of the audience in mind.

Sample Types of Technical Proposal:

There are four major classes of technical proposal which are:

  • Research Technical Proposal- In research technical proposals the technical writing aims around the specific research topic. In this all the technicality involved in the research is explained in the proposal along with its objective and the strategy of implementation. The results of that technical research are also mentioned in the proposal {only if the results are already found}.
  • Academic technical proposal- In the academic technical proposal the technical details related to academics are mentioned. These proposals are highly focused and very well structured documents.
  • Business technical proposal- In the business technical proposal the technology is focused towards improvising the business processes. It could be any technical software or instruments to save the cost and time of the business. The details of that technology are mentioned in the business proposal which is submitted to the concerned organization.
  • Government technical proposal- In these proposals the government departments are the actual clients, using the technology. These are highly formal documents with all the details about the technology.