An UGC research proposal is a document about the request of an undergraduate student for participation in a research program. Since one is not allowed to conduct research without adequate educational degree, the proposal should try to capture the attention of the reader in such a way that he is given the permission or sometimes it can be proposing the need for accomplishing a research work as well.

Sample UGC Research Proposal

Subject: UGC research proposal

Name of student: Zenon Hartley

Subject specialization: History

Present persuasion: UGC student of Horizon University, UK

Date of submission of proposal: 26th January, 2012

Zone of research: I am willing to conduct a research on the domestic life of the Mughal emperors of the medieval period. I have always been interested in knowing about the personal life of the kings and their daily habits. The area of their conquests and alliances has been covered extensively but the personal life of these people has remained in the dark.

Research expenditure: The cost of the research would be comparatively less ($70000 approximately) as there would not be any need of excavation. The Archeological Centre of Information would serve the database containing the required information in this case.

Academic credentials: Marks obtained in Semester I is 90% and semester II is 93.5% [I have given the marksheet and pass certificates with this].

Application of the research proposal: This investigation would quench the curiosity in historians to know about the life of the gallant warrior kings and be used in understanding the quality of their life. There would be biological implications of their food habits and health conditions which may generate further studies.

Expected time of achievement: 9 months

Last date of proposal acceptance: 1st February 2012