An undergraduate research proposal is a proposal given to a university authority. Undergraduate colleges hold research discussions and seminars where undergraduate students participate to enhance their knowledge. If such a proposal is granted, the student is allowed to assist in researches conducted by seniors and superior ranked researchers.

Sample Undergraduate Research Proposal

Name of the university: Flemington Wayward University

Year of foundation: 1730

Research records: A number of noteworthy researches have been shown light with the help of highly educated and knowledgeable professors. The research team of the university is well known in the whole state because of the timely upgradation of the research studies and follow up performances. The research works are published in The Time, Stay Ahead and other weekly magazines beside research journals.

Research proposal made on: Employee satisfaction in the corporate sector.

Research team being comprised of: Professors Jack Hull, Mel Tiffany and Newman Fond.

Name of the research applicant: Sam Cool

Educational Qualification: Undergraduate student of the University, due to appear for college graduation exam in July 2012.

Purpose behind making the undergraduate research proposal: I am keen to be a part of the research team and assist in the research works to gather skill and gain experience. It would help me understand my subject even more thus giving me a scope to establish a firm grip on it and take the subject forward. Working with such great researchers would give my career a big boost and add to the value of my curriculum vitae.

A copy of the applicant’s conduct certificate and marksheets has been enclosed here.