A unique romantic proposal is one which effectively captures the emotions of people as well as provides a distinctive touch to a romantic proposal. A unique romantic proposal must be unique, of course, but not outlandishly so. The word unique must be taken carefully and the romantic proposal must be one with a difference.

Sample Unique Romantic Proposal:

Dear Sally,

I closed my eyes and the only face I saw was yours, radiant and smiling like always. If I had any doubt in my mind, these evaporated at that fortuitous moment and I realized that I loved you beyond a shadow of doubt. I have probably been in love with you for a long time now, but I was too blinded to realize that. I know that you are probably not ready for a relationship so soon but I can only hope that you will have it in you to accept my feelings and not judge them too harshly.

The words I am saying may not seem in any way unique or different. But it is the intensity of my feelings that is unique. I cannot imagine a day without your soothing presence by my side. You calm me and make me a better person. I want you to be happy, whether with me or without me. I want all your desires to come true. This romantic proposal is unique in that it is the first I have made to any woman. I am anxiously waiting for your response.

Yours forever,

With lots of love,