An unsolicited sales proposal is a document which is a proposal of selling a certain item or service to a client who has not specifically requested for such a proposal. It is often sent to customers in order to advertize a new line of products or to make them aware of the services being offered by the company selling. However, this must be done with caution as it has some drawbacks too.

Sample Unsolicited Sales Proposal

Sent by: The Greeting Card Company

Subject: Unsolicited Sales Proposal

<Mail forwarded to: Gifts and All; The Gift Shoppe; Everything and Everyone and Donna’s Gift Gallery.> [Hide email addresses]

We have introduced a new range of ‘Feel Good’ cards which are targeted at almost every section of society and can be sent on any occasion. They are not occasion specific and their generalization is their strength.

  • We have served you for over ten years in producing the most exquisite greeting cards that have graced the shelves of your gift store. Now we have come up with a new line of greeting cards that can be sent to anyone on any occasion, or even without an occasion.
  • We have enclosed below some samples of this new line for your perusal. The cards are modestly priced but every single one of them is hand painted by our experts.
  • We hope to get a favorable response from you following which a more detailed brochure shall be sent to you. Our working relationships go back a long way to say the least and we are confident that you will appreciate and encourage this new effort from our side.

Thanking you,

Martha Mossbauer

The Greeting Card Company. <>