A vendor contract proposal is a legal document which puts forward the details of the products and services that are to be supplied by the vendor to the contractor. It is a documentary proof of all that is expected of and promised by the vendor that he has to carry out sincerely. It must be framed securely using proper elaboration.

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Sample Vendor Contract Proposal

Vendor Contract Proposal

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This vendor contract has been presented to the buyer, Mr. Thomas Dam, by the vendor, Mr. Pep Morrison, the owner of Jingle Bells Company, whereto the latter has proposed to wield wedding services to the former on 4th August, 2011.

The following terms and conditions have been proposed by the vendor for the buyer:

  • Products and services proposed in the contract proposal:

1. The décor of the wedding venue will be made according to the theme decided by the buyer by matching colour and furnishings.

2. The wedding gown of the bride and jacket of the groom will be designed with certain fashion specifications as preset by the buyer.

3. The food services will include Italian, Spanish, French and Chinese cuisine. The wedding cake will be a three-tier truffle cake with rich chocolate garnishing.

  • Payment and legal considerations presented in the contract proposal:

The buyer and the vendor have mutually reciprocated to execute the contract on a proposed sum of $1, 00,000 for the entire deal.

The services proposed here will be legally binding on the vendor. Deviation from the anticipated standards will be legally handled.


Pep Morrison (vendor)

Thomas Dam (buyer)