Village charity proposal is a documented charity request for improvements and developments of a village. It is written to envision a proper future of the village by figuring out its areas and reasons of backwardness and attempting to alleviate them. Thus, the plan of work and structure of cost should be properly pictured through the statements of the document.

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Sample Village Charity Proposal

Village Charity Proposal

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Nature of proposal: Village charity

Name of the village: Lake County

Name of the charity organization: Trust and Care Charity

Proposal given to: Fusion Constructors

Proposal given on: 6th January, 2011

Purpose of proposal: We hereby propose to take up the Village Development Project as some pockets of the mentioned district comprising of the hamlets are extremely backward economically and socially. We wish to bring about some positive change in the prevailing conditions.

Aims and objectives of the proposal:

  • The villages are in need of proper colleges housing the standard technology for medical and engineering studies. We plan to found at least 3 institutions in the coming years.
  • The streets are cobbled in some places and that debilitate transport of vehicles and movement of people. We propose to redesign the roads into metal paths.
  • Many of the wells have dried up because of the fallen water level. Therefore, our plan also includes provision of automated water supply.

Cost estimation: The estimated cost of the entire charity work has been given in the following page by making individual approximations.

Time of project completion: 5 to 6 years

Conclusion: We hope that our proposal would be considered very soon.