Visual Basic project proposal is formulated proposing the need of the project related to the particular computer programming. Such kind of proposal should make detailed outline of the project including its scope so that it gets maximum acceptance.

Sample Visual Basic Project Proposal

Library Management through Visual Basic

Name of the student: Jacob Russel

Final year- Department of Information Technology

University of Houston

Date of presenting the proposal: 5th August 2011

Purpose of the proposal:

This proposal is presented to the concern authority of the university with a request for providing aid to complete the task of the new project “Library Management through Visual Basic”. Even on successful completion of the project the university authority can also use for managing their library database as well. Therefore, if the university authority facilitates the process it would come into great help for various libraries to maintain a large number of databases utilizing this software.

Plans for the project:

  • The project will be build employing the knowledge of visual basic.
  • It would have provision to maintain large database of library in a systematic approach.
  • The software created would be convenient for using and storing any kind of database.

Total cost require for completing the project: $2500 approximately

Duration for completing the project: 6 months

Kindly submit your proposal acceptance within: 5th September 2011 [Work process will commence within 2days of proposal acceptance]

The proposal acceptance should be submitted as early as possible because I wish to finish the task within my final year.

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