Web marketing is turning out as one of the effective way for circulating the marketing process of a product or service manufactured by a company. Therefore, web marketing proposal is a written document proposing the need of the particular process of marketing.

Sample Web Marketing Proposal

Title of the proposal:  Proposal for Web marketing for exchange of school textbooks

Prepared by: Harrisburg Books and Publishers Co.

Prepared for: Web marketers

Proposal issued on: 4th July 2011

Objective behind the proposal:

In recent years, we have turned out to be a recognized books and publishing company in America. We are now with an intention of propagating our business through which we could help the book lovers of the society enormously. Recently, we know that the school children sometimes face tremendous problems in getting the exact textbooks they require for any particular subject. This may be due to the shortage of printed copies in the market or sometimes there is a huge demand.

In that case exchange of textbooks could surely help others to come out of this situation. Our company has decided to facilitate the exchange of textbooks or other books between two individuals. Even this could be possible through a single click on our website as well.

What we expect:

  • We wish to get associated with such web marketers who would communicate our message through web.
  • Making strategical plans so that our company could achieve maximum response.

Proposal would remain valid till: 5th August 2011

[Proposal acceptance would be prioritized according to first cum first serve basis]