A website advertising proposal is a brief layout of a plan that tells about advertising focused on a particular brand of goods or services on different websites. The company that sponsors the advertisement formulates the specific marketing strategies of hiring digital space or web space. The proposal in general is centered on distinct points in regards to the dynamics of the business deal. The size of the advertisement, the duration of its display and other details while it is put on the websites are taken into account in a concise manner.

Sample Website Advertising Proposal

Name of the business entity: Super Tech Solutions Private Ltd.

Address: 62/R Prince Avenue, San Francisco, California, USA

Name of the proposal designer: Mr. Bryan Reginald

Submission date for the proposal: 25th May, 2011

Estimated total cost of the project: $2500

Period of advertising: 1 month from the day of initiation

The specific objectives that the company hopes to achieve via the project time-frame:

  • The sales revenue is expected to grow by a margin of 150% in the next quarter.
  • The brand name of the company is supposed to reach to a greater number of targeted customers, thus increasing the customer base while maintain the current clientele.
  • It intends to fulfill the objective of creating a buzz in the crowd about the newly launched technological goods and services.
  • A rapport with the advertising platform proprietors in the arena of digital and print media is to cohesively build to strengthen the base of mutually beneficial future assignments.
  • Exposing the brand name to the future business partners in a more streamlined manner.

Signature of the proposal coordinator: Mr. Bruce Pollard