A website construction proposal is a document presented by a website construction company with the proposal to develop a website for a willing company. Since most of the multinational companies thrive on online marketing, having a blog is very important. Therefore it should be written in a manner that it should give out the urgency and importance of the action.

Sample Website Construction Proposal

Title of the proposal: Website construction proposal

Website construction proposal given to: Gold Suite

Proposal prepared by:  Bosh Fix, Webmaster, Moon-walking Website Company

Product for which the website construction is to be done: Gold jewelry

Purpose of the proposal: Websites create awareness on a massive scale among public and that, in turn, eventually help in the promotion and subsequent sale of the product. Our team of experts ensures that companies get positive responses to the website development.

Company overview: Our Company is known to have earned a good reputation in the online market because of quality content. Product sales have drastically increased through websites developed by us.

Plan to be executed: The service would be directed at proper channelization of the marketing strategies to achieve greater response and to get advantages with respect to greater connectivity across the globe.

Entire cost: Around $6000 per redesign.

Executive summary: The proposal is given to expand your business that will be open for a limited time for you to send us your view about it. It will be conducted by our webmasters who would write the content and design the look of the website.

Last date of proposal: 4th August, 2008

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