Website design proposal is presented by a website designing company to their potential clients or customers stating their designing plans for any particular website or its kind. Such a document should be so constructed that it must outline all the indispensable objective and plans regarding the particular work.

Sample Website Design Proposal

Proposal for designing a web-based software testing website

Proposal presented by: TechSP

Date of issuing the proposal: 15th July 2011

Purpose of the proposal:

  • The purpose of the proposal is to set up a web based software testing website which could be utilized for testing the written codes of any software.
  • This website could even be utilized for promoting VoIP technologies to the customers.
  • It would also be served as a test portal for VoIP customers.
  • It should have all the appropriate designing as it is required for carrying out optimum VoIP technology.

Targeted people for this website:

We are designing the website targeting the home-user, business people, student and who all are using VoIP and want to use it in cheap cost.

Detailed Information about the website:

Name of the Domain:

IP address: 112.768.799.202 [RIPE IP &ARINE SEARCH]

IP location: Florida-United States of America

Creation Date: Depends upon scope

Estimated Budget for creation of the website: $6000-$7500 approximately

Duration required for completing the entire website design: Maximum 6-7 months

Kindly note that the content and other estimated provided in this proposal will remain valid for one month which starts from the proposal issuing date as mentioned above.

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