A website project proposal is a document which outlines the plans by which a website will be created, improved and operated on a daily basis. It must factor in important considerations like budget, operation systems; content etc. a website project proposal is a valuable document which must be framed properly for it to serve as an important guide.

Sample Website Project Proposal

Name of the website: Kino’s Books at your Doorstep

Website to be conceptualized created and designed by: Sarah Offling of Webmasters.Com

Website maintained by: Kino’s Book Chain

Date of submission of website project proposal: 1st January 2011

Points to be noted:

  • This website is an online shopping website catering in books. Customers must login to access their unique login id and they can browse our catalogues, select and then purchase the books.
  • Two modes of payment will be operative for this website. Customers can either pay through credit cards, or through the Cash-on-Delivery (COD) system.
  • The website shall provide customers with access to over ten thousand books, including books not published in India and other rare books. However, not all books will be available for the COD system.
  • Delivery within the country will be free. However, terms and conditions will apply.

Estimated budget for creation of website: $300000

Website will be handed over on: 1st May 2011

Website will be managed by: Kino’s Book Chain

First preview of completed website: 3rd march 2011

Final checks: 4-7th April, 2011

Website designing team includes: Graham Roy, Alessandro Kinelli and Grant Flower

For further information contact: 34637567345 / 746736733