A wedding proposal is the most cherished moment in any person’s life. It demarcates the transition of a person from being single to become a lifelong companion. It is a huge question for anybody as it potentially changes their life. To make this moment precious one needs to plan it out properly and keep it simple yet elegant, just like the wedding proposal example which is given as below.

Sample Wedding Proposal Example

Dear Anitha

The venue: Public places with a lot of people around and personal places which allow privacy – both seemed equally right for ‘popping the question’. But public places are noisy and can be distractive, so I chose a personal place like the lawn around a public lake.

The time: It was twilight; the sun had just hidden behind the trees.  The diffused sunlight caressed our faces and hair. Under this light, I would tell her what my heart thought about her.

The proposal: Me and my girlfriend, we met a bus stand near the lake and walked down towards it. I had packed some snacks for us and we munched on those while we chatted. I told her that I dearly hoped that this moment would always be with us and never end. We had been talking for a long time whispering sweet nothings in each other’s ears, but now I told her something very important, probably the most important thing in her life in a very short time, ‘Will you marry me and let me be yours, forever?’

From Joseph