Wedding proposal format is a guide for framing an impressive yet sincere wedding proposal. Since wedding proposals are so subjective and personal, such a format can only serve as a basic framework on which such a proposal may be formulated.

Sample Wedding Proposal Format

Dear: ______________________________________________________ [Fill in the name of the beloved]

First paragraph: The first paragraph of a wedding proposal must outline the feelings of the proposer, be it the man or the woman towards his or her beloved. Sincerity and love are the key to this sort of an announcement. A wedding proposal cannot be anything but honest and heartfelt. A slide show of precious moments may be shown along with the actual proposal to lend and emotional dimension and a touch of remembrance and nostalgia to the occasion.

Second paragraph: The second paragraph of a wedding proposal must go on to paint a rosy picture of a life that is about to be intertwined forever. An outline of the future, plans dreams and ambitions can uplift the already significant moment of a wedding proposal. Wedding proposals must also make ample use of previously spent moments of tenderness and togetherness. They enable the purity of feelings to seep through the wedding proposal.

Third paragraph: The third paragraph must be enchanting. It can be supported by the gift of the ring. The proposer can go the whole way with bent knees and outstretched arms to add an element of drama to his proposal. Soft music and a great ambience increase the magic of the moment.

Yours always,

[Name of the proposer]