A Wedding proposal is certainly the most important question in anyone’s life. If somebody is worrying over their own proposals and losing their night’s sleep over it, then he or she should definitely read the wedding proposal outline. Even if one is not proposing to anyone in the near future, even then they can get helpful tips from this which would help the romantics when they themselves want to propose marriage to their partner.

Sample Wedding Proposal Outline

My dear Jeniffer

Choosing the right venue was a very important part of the proposal. I did not want it to be too public and noisy that might be distractive. I was in multiple minds sweating over my list of romantic and secluded spots, and then I remembered our first date. It was the garden attached to the community hall of her block.

I had practised over a hundred times so that I did not get tongue tied when actually came to the proposal. I had planned it over so that nothing would go wrong. I had arranged for a private dinner for just the two of us. We had a candle light dinner accompanied by red wine under the star lit sky. Then, I went down on one knee and expressed the deepest feelings of my heart. I said, “Tonight is precious for both of us. I wish between us, this night would never end. But time waits for none so I would love to spend every night after this one with you. Will you marry me?”


With love