A Wedding proposal template is a document that outlines the best way of formulating an effective wedding proposal. Wedding proposals must be framed carefully as the happiness of one’s life depends on it. Hence, sincerity and honesty and true love are the only elements that are essential.

Sample Wedding Proposal Template

To: ________________________________________________________

Date of proposal: _____________________________________________ [mention the date of writing of the wedding proposal]

Your importance in my life: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [Provide a feeling account of why the person being proposed to is important and significant. One can go back to the start of the relationship to highlight their synergy and love for each other]

Our cherished moments: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [List a number of the most cherished memories associated with the relationship in order to lend a degree of sincerity and nostalgia, as well as a sense of hope for the future]

I need you in my life because: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [Give a brief account of how one sees or envisions life with the beloved. Dreams, common goals and ambitions, the imagined life together can be talked about]

What life will mean without you: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [Describe how lonely and meaningless life will seem without the presence of the beloved. Explain why this relationship is the most important and significant relationship of one’s life]

Love is: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [Mention what love means to a person and how love is the driving force of life and the beloved is the embodiment of that love.]

Your most cherished qualities: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________[Provide an account of the specific qualities of the beloved that make her attractive and lovable and so endearing ending with a declaration of love]