A weekly employment proposal is a document which is prepared by a prospective employee seeking a job that will allow him to work once in a week. Such jobs are common in the field of journalism where journalists can be hired for their weekly columns. Freelancers especially are hired in this manner. Thus the weekly employment proposal must be written to create a strong and favorable impression.

Sample Weekly Employment Proposal

Name of candidate: Jason Richards

Age: 22 years

Currently employed in: Student, and also a freelance journalist

Previous work experience: I have edited the school and college newspapers of my academic institutions. I have previously worked with many reputed newspapers as a weekly columnist.

Nature of weekly employment proposal:

  • I hope to be considered suitable for a post at your newspaper as a weekly columnist. I have excellent references and am a competent writer.
  • I am an avid reader as well as fond of keeping myself updated about current events. I specialize in writing short satirical pieces on current events as well as the newsmakers of the week. I am enclosing a sample of my work, and some previous articles for your perusal.
  • I am willing to settle for any payment. My chief hope is to be associated with your esteemed paper which will do wonders for my confidence and job profile.
  • I am very particular about deadlines and have never caused any complaints on that front.

I hope to hear from you soon. Thanking you,

Jason Richards

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