A well construction proposal is a document enunciating the proposal of constructing a well in a region by seeking permission of the project and grant of a land. It should outline the purpose of the proposal in an elaborate format and incorporate the details of necessity and use of the concerned project proposal so that the authority is convinced about it.

Sample Well Construction Proposal

Title of the proposal: Well construction proposal

Well construction proposal submitted to: Mr. Dan Schildlkraut, Mayor of Woodbridge

Proposal submitted by: Bem Kafka, Supervisor, Hollow Construction Company (HCC)

Subject of the proposal: Our Company wants to construct water wells for the regions deprived of easy access to purified water or are unable to avail the opportunities due to faulty well construction. We have zeroed in on some specific lands which we think would be suitable as prospective well construction areas.

Company history: HCC has earned a sound record in the field of electrical well, aquifers and water-pump installations. We are involved in the entire process from the initial analysis of the prospective regions to manifestation of the ideas conceived through it.

Sketch of the uses of the proposal: The electricity-powered well would be developed in a way that the deepest water table can be reached. The pipes connecting the ground water would bring out drinking water.

Cost of the proposal: $90, 0000 tentatively

Executive summary: The program will solve water problems in residential areas of the city by locating lands and drilling and installing wells of effective depth, area and diameter in suitable regions.

Last date of acceptance: 4th September, 2011

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