A consulting proposal is a document drafted by expert consultants of different companies with an objective to improve the business status. Such a document proposes solution of a business need through consultation effectively, in order to ensure its smooth operation in the long run. This kind of proposal must be framed with lot of emphasis and conciseness as the business development process largely depends on it.

Therefore, experts must frame this kind of document in accordance to the established decorum of the business. Such a proposal can deal with a wide range of topics depending upon the business for which they are being documented. However, the proposal must emphasize on the following points to gain importance and acceptance from its intended audience.

  • A brief introduction regarding the specialized areas of consultation, qualification and performance of the consulting agency must be enunciated for giving a clear idea to its intenders. Even this introduction section must also elaborate those points which are in sync with company’s objective.
  • Consultation proposal must be specific and focused. This is how a consultancy agency could prove their competency in identifying problems of a business and providing consultation accordingly.
  • Last but not the least, the consultancy agency could gauge on the cost involved in implanting the plan successfully. It must provide detailed, yet consolidated, information regarding it so that the concern authority could succinctly determine the cost involved.

Apart from considering the above mentioned point, the content of the document must be presented in an organized approach. Moreover, the language used for documenting the proposal must be simple, yet presented in a professional approach. One should always remember not to formulate the content with full of verbiage as it imparts a tedious look to the document and dissuade the concern authority from taking any necessary action.