A consumer proposal is a document which proposes a bid, detailing the information regarding a particular product or service which a company plans to launch or already have released targeting a particular group of consumers. This kind of proposals is generally put forward during the latest release of a product or existing ones in order to make the intended consumers aware and generate interest among them regarding it. Such kind of proposal helps the concern authority to preview the status of acceptance of the intended consumer related to the newly released product. Hence, such a document must be formulated with utmost conciseness so as to achieve maximum response from the targeted consumers. Some of the significant points are as follows.

  • The consumer proposal must be specific regarding the matter that is being proposed. This would help the intended consumers to understand the proposed matter properly for further action.
  • The document must be formulated without being much effusive as this might create a scope of ambiguity.
  • The language used for formulating the proposal must have a professional tone and should have high readability so that it could be accessed completely.
  • The factors to be taken into consideration must be highlighted effectively so as to obtain maximum acceptance without any obligations or misinterpretation.
  • Even, relevant references of data and information gathered from earlier similar kind of proposal can also be given. However, it should be comprehensive and must not look tedious as that might lessen the interest of the intended consumers.

Despite of the above mentioned points, one should be careful about proposing the matter with clarity. This is essential as transparent and clear proposal document is the most sought after. Moreover, the consumer proposal should have a fixed aim so as to obtain distinct advantages through it.