A contract proposal is a document which sets down the terms and conditions, along with details of the contract itself between two parties, companies, enterprises or even individuals.  A contract proposal must be framed in a certain way so that it provides details of the contract to a company which commissions the contract. It is usually presented by one company to another, and it goes through a process of being screened and judged before it is finally accepted. There are many parts to a contract proposal and some of them are as follows:

  • Details of the contract must be provided in the first section. This includes the correct names, personal and professional details of the company seeking to establish a business relationship with the other. Details regarding the duration of the contract, its dates of commencement and termination and other such information must be provided as well.
  • Care should be taken to ensure that there are no mistakes and inadvertent errors in the document. Since it will be judged and evaluated on its merit, as well as on the services that will be offered by the company framing the contract proposal, it must be professionally written and not be careless.
  • A contract proposal must also lay down the terms and conditions which will govern the contract agreement. This is the primary value of the contract proposal. The terms and clauses should be written in an unambiguous and clear manner. For example, the company seeking to get their proposal passed must be clear about budget, profit sharing and the like. A contract proposal must also contain details regarding financial transactions. This is extremely crucial, as it often gives rise to unwanted contention if there is no transparency in this section.

Thus, a contract proposal is an extremely vital document which will have to be referred to at every step of the conceptualizing, execution and implementation of the contract outlined in the contract proposal.