A design proposal is a document, or a presentation that outlines the main tenets of a design project. It is usually created prior to the commencement of the design project, at the conceptual level. It is created by a team of design professionals who will be closely associated with the project, and thus, there should be a certain amount of knowledge and authority that must be made part of the design proposal. A design proposal is often created so as to gain the approval of sponsors, or judges and the like. Hence, it must be impressive and attractive since the first impression made will stay on in people’s minds for long. Certain important points must be kept in mind while framing a design proposal:

  • A design proposal must present a comprehensive outline of the ultimate product to be created by the designers. Despite being a document that is created only at the conceptual stages, it will be referred to at every stage of the designing process, and it must provide evaluators and sponsors with a clear idea of the finished product.
  • A design proposal must be attractive enough to capture people’s attention. Thus it must be colorful, aesthetically composed and comprehensive, as well as provide vital information about the project.
  • A design proposal must also be informative. It should provide important details about the design project like budget, deadlines, estimated time of completion, professional qualifications of the designers working on the project and the credibility of the designing company.
  • A design proposal must be composed with honesty and sincerity. If the goals mentioned in the design proposal are not achieved, or if there is sever overshooting of the estimated budget, it reflects poorly on the creators of the design proposal and sours business relationships as well. Hence in these cases, it is best to err on the side of caution.

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