A financial proposal means a proposition made by an individual or a company where they present a plan asking for financial funds for a particular project or for the day to day operations of the organisation. A financial proposal is a broad term and can be created to get loans from financial organisations like banks or can be used to persuade others to invest in their company for lucrative returns. Financial proposals are also part of any financial deal struck between two parties and the amount of funds exchanged or requested must be clearly written in the proposal. Although the content of the financial proposal depends on the objective of the proposal, there are certain points one can take into account while creating one:

  • Purpose: State the purpose of the financial proposal, such as, is the money required for solving financial problems in the business or for development of any project, expansion plans and so on
  • Plan of action: Financial proposals involve the transaction of money and so it is very important to show where you will be spending the money, on what and how you plan to use it. The proposal must thus be prepared by someone who is aware of the company’s finances and the project must be entrusted to qualified people in the organisation who are in the appropriate position to implement the plans
  • Schedule: There must be a proper schedule within which the plan of action must be initiated and completed. Give the deadline and schedule in the proposal so that the concerned authorities know how you plan to go about the project
  • Other key points: The last section must include other key points of the proposal like making an executive summary, the budget, pricing, fees and charges, previous year’s facts and figures etc which have a direct bearing on the proposal