Government bodies often make request for proposal to the intended authority when they decide to begin a new project. Generally, this is done when the government does not have adequate resources for executing an intended job and so they need private sector to assist them through collaboration. In response to the RFP generated by government agency, relevant business agencies research on the project that is decided to be executed by the government and hence present their proposal targeting the concern government authority by describing their plans, schedule and cost of execution. Such government proposal should highlight the important points effectively in order to ensure its consideration from the government authority.

Some of the important points that are needed to be kept in mind while creating such proposals are as follows:

  • The proposal must refer the RFP number initially, so that the government authority understands for which work the document is being drafted.
  • Following that, the business authority should plan up the things accordingly by making adequate research of the project work that is decided to be executed by government body. This is important initially, as this would help the business authority to frame an effective proposal of the plans of execution.
  • In order to gain consideration from the concern government bodies, the proposal must be documented in a manner so that it solicits lineaments which perfectly syncs with the requirement and objective of the government authority.
  • The document has to be detailed yet not prolix. Therefore, it must have separate section for enunciating the requirements needed to accomplishing the task or implementing the proposed methods and cost related to it. This would help the government authority to understand the document effectively prior accepting the proposal.
  • Finally a tentative date for proposal acceptance and contact information of the company has to be provided.