A legal proposal refers to any proposition related to the legal sector; it can be put forwards either by a law firm to its client for different purposes like offering its services, to prepare a contract, for representing a client or it can be made on behalf of the individual to the law firm in order to request for the services or to ask for a job as a lawyer. A legal proposal is thus an umbrella term and can include different types of proposals related to the legal line. The content of the legal proposal thus depends on the Depending on the title or the purpose; a legal proposal can be prepared. These following points may be considered while making a legal proposal

  • Introduction: Like any other proposal, a legal proposal must also include an introduction which gives the reader an idea of what the proposal is all about. So for example, mention if the proposal is about publicizing the firm, for offering services to clients or if there is any other objective or purpose of this proposal
  • Benefits: Mention how the proposal will benefit the firm or the client, depending on your objective. By displaying the advantages of the legal proposal, you have a better chance of convincing the reader to accept your proposal
  • Plan of action: The legal proposal must have a tentative plan or action or methodology where you must give a step by step plan of what you want to do and how you want to make the proposal a success
  • Funds: A legal proposal may also be made requesting funds needed for a particular purpose. Describe the approximate amount in order to give the authorities can idea of how much they need to spend
  • Conclusion: Conclude by summarizing all you have written so that the reader’s memory is refreshed.