A love proposal is made by someone to express his love and affection for his beloved and to propose that he or she wants to be in a romantic relationship with the person. A love proposal can be made by either a man or woman to their friend towards who they feel romantic feelings or towards someone they have been dating. There are different ways in which one may choose to make the love proposal, either in writing, or saying it verbally or by doing something which is creative and romantic. Gifts, cards and letters are given to their beloved to express how much they love each other. Love proposals can be made whenever a couple is ready to be in a steady relationship, but they are usually made on Valentines’ day, sometimes followed by a marriage proposal. These points can be considered when making a love proposal:

  • Research: Do your homework before you make a love proposal to your beloved. This means finding out what he or she likes and dislikes, so that you surprise them and not shock them or make them uncomfortable
  • Medium: Select the medium on how you want to propose. You can either write a love letter which is very romantic or can say it in person in a beautiful romantic setting which will be appreciated by the person
  • Creativity: Use your creativity and come up with ideas which will thrill the person and makes him feel that you care about him. Make something yourself instead of buying it from the store.
  • Be yourself: No matter how many gifts you give or letters you write, your beloved is not going to be convinced unless you say it in your own way and be yourself. Don’t change yourself completely but maintain your style to show how much you love a person.