A product proposal is used to introduce and give information to old or new clients about a particular product which is to be launched or re-launched in the market. The product proposal must primarily mention the uses and benefits of the product and how it will create a positive effect on the business. When creating a product proposal, keep in mind that besides writing about the product, also frame a plan on how to sell or publicise the product in order to keep a strong relationship with the client. You may focus on the following points while creating a product proposal:

  • Theme: This section shall constitute the introduction of the product and the basic theme of the proposal. Elaborate on why should any potential buyer be interested in your product and how will it benefit him
  • Body: This is the most detailed section of the proposal which describes the merits of the product in details and highlights its characteristics. Continue from the introduction and mention how the product will be profitable for the client
  • Objective: Mention the goal of the proposal and what you plan to achieve from the proposal with reference to the product. By giving the purpose of the proposal, the client gets an idea of what your plan of action and vision is.
  • Marketing: This section will contain the marketing strategies or the different methodology process which will help the client to sell the product in the market and bring good returns to the company
  • Budget: Mention the funds required to launch this product in different markets and publicity methods like ads and surveys etc
  • Term: Mention the time period by which you plan to launch or execute the product. Having a specific term period lends a sense of discipline to the proposal as it gives a deadline for the project.