A project proposal refers to the methodology and a proposition presented to show how the different aspects of a particular project will be managed. There can be different types of projects, construction, marketing, research and so on. Based on the type, scope and objectives of the project, a project proposal is created. In order to make a project successful, a proposal is necessary as it serves as guideline to those working on the project, whereby they get an idea of what to do, how to do it and by when to finish it. A project proposal makes the actual project more organised and well-planned and increases its chance of being successful. The project proposal is also used to ask for funds by giving an estimated cost of the project.

There are certain points which one can keep in mind when creating a project proposal:

  • Title: Every project has a title or a name which refers to the topic of the project and the proposal must mention it in the beginning so that the reader can get an idea of what to expect from the proposal.
  • Presentation: The proposal is prepared by someone in a particular organisation and his name and designation must be mentioned in the proposal clearly.
  • Date: The dates when the proposal is created and when it is submitted for acceptance must be mentioned in the proposal as these records are important.
  • Objective: Every proposal must focus on the objective and clearly mention it in the proposal. It will help the person reading the proposal know what the goal of the project is.
  • Deadline: The proposal must mention how long it will take the project to complete
  • Budget: The cost of the project must also be mentioned and if the proposal is asking for funds, it must clearly mention the required amount.