A proposal letter is the presentation of the plan and methodology of a particular project which is written in the form of a letter instead of the usual proposal format. It is very important to communicate effectively in order to get a proposal approved and the letter format gives a chance to the creator of the proposal to add a more personal touch to the proposal. By giving the right information and presenting the objectives and methodology of his proposal clearly, one can hope to convince the reader to accept it. Sometimes the whole proposal is written in the letter alone, or it is used as a cover letter along with the actual proposal document. Since the letter is like an introduction to the proposal, these points must be kept in mind while creating one:

  • Address the receiver correctly and write his name and designation clearly. It is important to get spellings and grammar right when you are writing a proposal letter.
  • Mention what the proposal is all about by giving a brief introduction in the beginning so that the receiver knows what you are going to propose in a nutshell.
  • The body of the letter must focus on the proposal in details, giving information on how you plan to execute the project, what methods you will use to conduct it and most importantly, what is the purpose of the proposal. You must also add how the project will benefit the client.
  • The consequent paragraphs may focus on other important parts of the proposal like the budget or funds required for the project, the term or deadline for the project, name of the organisation and the employees who will be working on the project etc
  • Sign off by giving your name and address, and again be careful to write the name correctly.