A research proposal refers to the plan and methodology presented by an organisation which aims to conduct a research programme regarding a particular topic. A research proposal can mean health-related projects which focus on the physical aspects or human body, it can mean research for creating medicines for particular illnesses, it could be about knowing current market trends or about other anthropological topics. Every research proposal should mention the objective of the proposal clearly, what methodology is used to conduct the research, amount of funds required and the deadline.

These points must be included while forming a research proposal:

  • Title or name: Mention the title or name of the project so that the reader knows what the research is about. The title helps to set the tone of the project.
  • Name of creator of proposal: Give the name and designation of the person creating and submitting the research proposal and also the name of the organisation, if he is affiliated to any particular organisation.
  • Dates: Submission dates and deadlines of the research project, if any, must be clearly stated because it is important to finish a research within a time period.
  • Objective: State the purpose and objective of the research project and what you plan to achieve from it or how it will benefit people in general.
  • Methodology: Mention how you plan to conduct the research, what processes shall be involved in it and what methods of analysis and deduction will be used by you
  • Budget: State the estimated cost of the research project and if you are asking for funds in the proposal, mention the minimum amount required by you to do this research

Besides these basic points, you can add more information and elaborate the methodology process depending on the kind of research project you are conducting.