A romantic proposal is made by a man or woman to his or beloved to express their love and desire to have a relationship. The couple may know each other since a long time or may even be dating but a romantic proposal is different from being asked out. Here one of the couple members puts an effort to create something out of the ordinary for the other either through romantic gestures, cards, gifts, letters and so on. Romantic proposals are most common on Valentines’ day or the couple’s anniversary. It can also be made in order to propose marriage. Although the content of any romantic proposal would differ from person to person based on their likes or dislikes, these tips may be kept in mind:

  • Brainstorming: Before you make a romantic proposal, find out or think about what your partner likes. You can also ask his/her friends to know likes or dislikes which must be kept in mind before you make the proposal.
  • Creativity: One can always buy beautiful and cute things from the store but the proposal which touches the heart is where you write or do something out of the box and use your creativity.
  • Letters: One can make a proposal in various ways, but the most romantic way remains a love letter. Write what you love about your partner and why you want to be with him/her. Keep your partner’s sensitivities in mind and then form your letter.
  • Gifts: Along with the letter, you may also give a gift to your beloved. The best and most inexpensive gift is flowers, especially roses. Giving jewellery like bracelets, rings, necklaces are also a good way of proposing.
  • Ambience: A romantic proposal can be made with some romantic music in the background. Be well-groomed and make the moment memorable for your beloved.