A sales proposal is made by an individual or a company to a client whereby the former is trying to sell a product, idea or service and make deal with the client. A good sales proposal is a very important element in making a deal and it has to be very clear, persuasive and convincing so that the other party feels like they need to buy the product or service. In order to be able to convince them, the proposal maker must present the positive aspects of the product so that the client feels that the dal will be beneficial for his company and help him make profits. Support your proposal with accurate and well-researched facts and figures so that the client can refer to it and realise that your company is the best place he can make a deal. While making a sales proposal, these points can be taken into account:

  • Research: It is very important to make the right research about the client so that you know what they need and can create a strategy to convince them to buy your product
  • Drafts: Before making the final proposals, one may need to create several rough drafts which will help him to make the final outline of the proposal
  • Introduction: The sales proposal must give an introduction where the purpose of the proposal and vision of your company must be mentioned so that the client knows what to expect and what you plan to sell
  • Benefits: It is very important to mention how the client will benefit from the sales deal on order to convince him to buy the product. Highlights the product’s merits and its positive impact on the client
  • Budget and schedule: Every proposal must have a fixed budget and schedule within which the company must be able to make and supply the product