A technical proposal is a plan which is presented in order to get approval for any project related to the technical field. Technical proposals are mostly presented by companies belonging to the technology sector. But this does not mean that only tech companies have technical proposals; every project of any company has some technical aspects imperative to the success of the project and that needs to be approved by the authorities. A technical proposal must highlight what is the goal of the proposal, how it will be beneficial for the company and also describe the plan of action and different stages of work regarding the proposal. The technical content must be written in a simplified manner so that the people can understand what the presenter is trying to propose. While writing a technical proposal, he following points can be kept in mind:

  • Goal: In the introduction of the proposal, describe the goal or purpose of the proposal and what you hope to achieve from it or how will it help the company. Share your vision and plan with the authorities to give them an idea about the project
  • Language: Avoid using technical jargon and words which someone may not understand. Keep it simple and to the point and present your proposal with necessary facts and figures to support your proposal
  • Description: If you are talking about any technical product, make sure to highlight the features of the product in direct and descriptive ways. If you are seeking funds for the development or launch of the technical product you need to be able to ‘sell’ the proposal to the authorities so that it gets approved
  • Budget: Mention the amount required for the project clearly and describe how and where you plan to spend the amount in the various developmental and marketing stages